The PLO can’t be fixed

Posted on January 24, 2016 by Vic Rosenthal It has been revealed that a secret deal kept Switzerland free of PLO terrorism:   According to the author, Swiss journalist Marcel Gyr, Switzerland was

Muslims in the UK top 3 million, some parts of London almost 50% Muslim

“Muslims in UK top 3million for first time,” The Sun, February 1, 2016:   February 1, 2016 2:04 pm By Robert Spencer   In five or ten more years, when there are majority-Muslim areas

Israel Solidarity Movement

Israeli satellite to supply sub-Saharan Africa with free internet

The AMOS-6. (Photo: Mark Zuckerberg Facebook post)   YnetNews: Alexander J. Apfel, Tazpit Press Service   A joint venture by Israeli company Spacecom, Facebook, and French satellite provider Eutelsat aims to bring internet access

Israel must make no concessions on Temple Mount

Visiting the Temple Mount is not about trying to deny the Muslims’ right to pray and worship in the mosque, it is to claim my own right as a Jew