Gush Etzion’s deadly junction

YnetNews By: Oded Shalom   Over the past few weeks, the Gush Etzion junction has turned from a thriving commercial center into a repeated target for terror attacks. Nearly all of the business owners have witnessed at least one. But still, they struggle to maintain coexistence in the area.   From Baruch Nahum's

ISIS affiliate in Egypt says downed Russian plane in Sinai; Moscow denies claim

JPost By: Reuters   Russia's transportation minister denies claim by terrorist group in Egypt alleging that its fighters shot down aircraft carrying over 200 people.   CAIRO - A terrorist group affiliated to Islamic State in Egypt claimed responsibility for the downing of a Russian passenger plane that crashed in Egypt's Sinai peninsula

Rule of law: Efroni’s wars

Maj. Gen. Danny Efroni, the IDF military advocate-general. (photo credit:IDF SPOKESMAN’S UNIT) JPost:  YONAH JEREMY BOB   How the outgoing military advocate-general became the dominant figure shaping Israel’s recent battles and legitimacy fights   Historians years from now may wonder how the guy who accidentally became the military advocate-general ended up being the most

Report: Israeli Air Force attacked Hezbollah targets in Syria

US-made F-16 fighter jets in action.. (photo credit:REUTERS) Times of Israel By: Judah Ari Gross Defense officials declined to comment on the report.   Israeli fighter jets penetrated Syrian airspace and attacked numerous Hezbollah targets in the South of Syria, according to Syrian media Saturday. Estimated targets included a weapons convoy destined for Hezbollah fighters

IDF coordinating with Russia, Egypt to help locate Russian plane crash in Sinai

A spectator watches Sukhoi Su-30SM jet fighters of the Sokoly Rossii (Falcons of Russia) aerobatic team perform during the MAKS International Aviation and Space Salon in Zhukovsky, outside Moscow. (photo credit:REUTERS) JPost By: JPOST.COM STAFF, Reuters Egyptian security sources said there was no indication that the plane had been shot down.   An

Israeli satellite to supply sub-Saharan Africa with free internet

The AMOS-6. (Photo: Mark Zuckerberg Facebook post)   Times of Israel By: By Judah Ari Gross   A joint venture by Israeli company Spacecom, Facebook, and French satellite provider Eutelsat aims to bring internet access to millions of people who aren't currently connected.   An Israeli space company, Spacecom, is developing its newest satellite for

Israel must make no concessions on Temple Mount

Visiting the Temple Mount is not about trying to deny the Muslims’ right to pray and worship in the mosque, it is to claim my own right as a Jew to exercise my freedom of travel and religion throughout the land of my ancestors (Photo: Temple Movements)   YnetNews By: Shoula

Reports: Israel conducted airstrikes near Damascus

YnetNews By: Roi Kais   A news site linked to Syrian opposition forces claims the IAF bombed Hezbollah and Syrian army positions on Friday night, while Al-Jazeera says Russia conducted strikes in that area at the time.   Israeli Air Force planes launched two strikes on Hezbollah and Syrian army targets overnight

Stabbing attack foiled near Jenin

YnetNews By: Ahiya Raved and Yoav Zitun   Palestinian runs towards security officer with knife, shot dead at same checkpoint where similar attempt occurred a week ago.   A Palestinian ran at security forces with a knife in the West Bank on Saturday before being shot dead.   An Israeli police spokeswoman said that