State seeks 45-day extension for Amona evacuation

Amona residents in limbo YNetNews by: Telem Yahav   Five days before the deadline is reached for Amona evacuation, state requests from the High Court of Justice to approve an extension until February 8, 2017 in order to facilitate implementation of recent compromise accepted by the residents; ‘The request is required to complete

What does the attack on US soldiers in Jordan mean for Israeli security?

Jordanian soldiers use a portable scanner to check the possessions of Syrian refugees after they crossed into Jordanian territory. (photo credit:REUTERS) JPost By: Yonah Jeremy Bob    Israel could find itself tracking an influx of terrorists in Turkey and Jordan, but also closer to home in the Sinai.   Intelligence cooperation between Washington and Amman will

The Trump of all fears

Donald Trump. Not the source, but the result of the problem. (Photo: EPA) YNetNews By: Alon Pinkas Op-ed: Donald Trump may not have done it elegantly, but he managed to ride the wave of anger that's been part of the Republican Party's self-destruction straight into the nomination. Will he be able to

Analysis: Legal dramas of the IDF intrinsically linked to Israeli society

Elor Azaria. (photo credit:AVSHALOM SASSONI) JPost By: Yaakov Lappin   Trial of Elor Azaria reflects decades-long dilemmas faced by young Israeli soldiers in the West Bank. Legal proceedings against members of the IDF are dominating the headlines, with each case touching – in very different ways – raw national nerves. Minute-by-minute media coverage

Murdered: Miki Mark, father of ten, yeshiva principal

Miki Mark YNetNews By: Elisha Ben Kimon & Yael Freidson The man killed today in the terrorist attack on his family in their car in Har Hevron was a father of ten and 'a pillar of the community;' his longtime friend, MK Yehuda Glick, learned with him at yeshiva. The man murdered before his

Shooting attack at family car kills father, wounds mother and two children

The shot car (Photo: West Bank Emergency Services) YNetNews By: YNet Reporters     A father has been killed after bullets were fired at a family travelling in their car; the mother is seriously wounded ; paramedics are treating those shot; the hunt for the shooters continues. A father has been killed, a mother critically

Teenage girl killed, man hurt in Kiryat Arba stabbing attack

The girl's house (Photo: TPS) YNetNews by: Elisha Ben-Kimon, Elior Levy   Terrorist climbs over security fence and stabs two Israelis; 13-year-old girl suffers from life threatening injuries, while the 31-year-old man is seriously hurt; terrorist shot dead. Hallel Yaffa Ariel, a 13-year-old Israeli girl, has died of her wounds after a terrorist broke into

Explaining the Israeli Left

Isaac Herzog. (photo credit:MARC ISRAEL SELLEM/THE JERUSALEM POST) JPost By: Caroline Glick   To the dismay of the Left, the public won’t go along for another ride with them, no matter how much hysteria they promote. Over the past few days, two incidents occurred which together, tell us the story of the