About Us

What is Yesha Bulletin ?

Ever thought about living in Yesha. Whether you are a new Oleh/Olah or have been pondering a while about living in Yesha, this is the site for you. You will find the information and contacts you will need in order to make an informed move to Yesha.

Many links to valuable information about:

  • Communities
  • Ministries
  • Education
  • Jobs
  • TIPS
  • Useful Links
  • FAQ’s Hospitality
  • Health Services Transportation
  • and more..

See our Communities page for a brief explanation of the different  types of communities. From there you can pick region in Yesha to begin investigating the different communities within each region. On the page of each specific place (Town, Yishuv, Moshav, etc..) you will find information, pictures and contact information so you can visit before you a location before you make your decision of where to move.

Experience life in Yesha before you come to live here. You can visit for just a day or take in the hospitality of a community for a Shabbat. What better way to get a taste of Yesha life.

Even if you are not thinking of moving to Yesha at this point in time, taking advantage of the hospitality in Yesha is a great way to make new friends.