Abera Mengistu’s mom holding a picture of him (Photo: Gadi Kabalo)
YNetNews By: Danny Adeno Abebe
Hamas apprehended Abera Mengistu more than 2 years ago after he crossed into the Gaza Strip; after years of fighting and dwindling concern and assistance by the government, his family has grown tired of fighting for his return.
Abera Mengistu’s family on Thursday marked 900 days since he crossed the border fence into Gaza, with his mother telling Yedioth Ahronoth, “I’m tired of fighting.”
The family met with Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked earlier this week, urging her to help them get information on what became of Abera.
“She was nice to us, asked a lot of questions and asked us to tell her about him, but other than that there’s no solution,” Abera’s mother said.

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