Times of Israel – By: Zev Shandalov


Let’s get one thing straight from the get-go: No matter what terminology is being used; no matter what nice graphics are used by the media; no matter the public debate on whether or not this is an intifada–the current “situation” is simply one thing: AN ATTEMPT TO MURDER JEWS.
The Arabs can scream all they want about Al-Aqsa and status quo. The fake people known as “Palestinians” can make up facts that suit them on a daily basis to justify their heinous actions. The “Palestinians” can declare to the world that Israeli police are mowing down their teenagers in the streets of Jerusalem. Leaders of the enemy call for an uprising, or intifada, to protect their “holy places.”  None of that change the facts that all the Arabs are interested in is murdering Jews.


Media portray nearly every single attack against Jews with the additional tagline describing the “violence” on the part of Israel (when defending herself) and world leaders call on “all sides” to show restraint.


I am sick and tired of the double-speak. I am sick and tired of the rationale being thrown around. I am sick and tired of the attempts to bring “equality” to the situation.


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