Facebook post calling on people to riot in Qalansuwa


YnetNews: Hassan Shaalan


Facebook posts call on people to ‘set the area on fire’ and ‘anoint the knives with a poisonous substance’; Hundreds of masked people demonstrate in Arab villages.


Arab incitement is alive and well on social network sites, as organizers call on people to arrive “masked, to set the area on fire.” Other sites even advised would-be terrorists on where to go and how to stab the “occupying troops”.


On Facebook, one can find posts calling on social media users to join the disturbances: “For al-Aqsa and the martyrs, you are invited to participate in a demonstration of anger at the Bridge of Tayibe”; “Every young person who doesn’t go has no honor”; “At 8pm at the entrance to Qalansuwa, come masked. This has deliberately been organized at a late hour so that they won’t be able to identify us. We will ask them to turn off the city lights so we won’t be identifiable, we will set the area on fire”; “All together at the big demonstration in Nazareth. Don’t forget that after that we will head towards the main road as they want to block it.”


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