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The soldier who shot a neutralized terrorist gives his first testimony as the defense takes the stand; Azaria: ‘there is always a feeling of tension in the air’.
Elor Azaria is testifying as to whether or not he shot a neutralized terrorist out of fear for his safety or out of revenge for attacking one of his friends on Sunday.

In his opening statements, Azaria said that “in the area of operations, the magazine is always in the gun because there is a lot of friction there, and you are under constant threat. Hebron is a really tense city. there is always a feeling of tension in the air, especially in Tel Rumeida, which is where there is the most friction between Palestinians and Jews anywhere in the world. It’s a stressful place.”


Speaking about the event itself, Azaria said “were in the guard tower at the Jilber checkpoint, close to where the event took place. We were there in order to stop terror attacks. The spoke to us about the rules of engagement and when to open fire during the briefing, along with talking to us about intent and ability (for terrorists to carry out attacks –ed), and stabbing attacks. In one of the briefings, one of the company commanders told us that we shouldn’t walk around with the Mak Porek (a device which keeps bullets from entering the chamber of the gun –ed) in place in certain areas of the city due to the tension.”


“I was sleeping right before the event,” Azaria recalled. “That morning, one of the soldiers came into my room and said ‘Elor! Wake up! There’s an emergency!.’ I woke up quickly and ran to the company commander’s office and he wan’t there. I didn’t understand what was happening at all. I ran to the gate of the outpost and asked what was gong on. The guard at the gate told me that there was a terror attack, and that A. was stabbed. I ran to the area of the attack, and the company commander was there and told me to begin treating A. I wondered why he didn’t tell me about the attack after he told me that I’m supposed to stick by his side. Our rooms were right next to each other in the outpost.”


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