The terrorist and the truck used in the attack
Ynet News By: Telem Yahav and Liran Levi
The High Court of Justice approves the destruction of the home of Fadi Qunbar, the terrorist who carried out the ramming attack in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Talpiot which killed four soldiers.
The High Court ruled on Thursday that the home of the terrorist Fadi Ahmad Al-Qunbar, who carried out the deadly vehicular ramming attack in the Talpiot promenade and murdering four soldiers, should be demolished. The decision was made following a petition filed by Al-Qunbar’s family.
“This terror attack was planned, cruel and unusual in its severity with fateful consequences,” stated Justice Yoram Danziger.

“The ideologically motivated attack was carried out by the terrorist alone; namely, his involvement was direct. Another important factor, which is also undisputed, is that the terrorist himself resided in the specific residential unit designated for destruction, so that there is a direct connection between him and the structure to be demolished,” continued Danziger.

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