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JPost By: Anna Ahronheim

The Israel Air Force took down a UAV which infiltrated Israeli aerial territory on Thursday afternoon. The drone appears to belong to Hamas and came from the direction of the Gaza Strip.

An Israeli Air Force F-16 downed an unmanned aerial vehicle belonging to Hamas on Thursday afternoon, intercepting it after it left the Gaza Strip and bringing it down into the sea before it managed to enter Israeli airspace. “The IDF will not allow any airspace violation and will work with determination against any such attempt,” the military said.

Since Operation Protective Edge in 2014, Hamas has invested in its drone capabilities. In recent years its UAVs have on occasion come near, and sometimes breached Israeli airspace, leading the IAF to scramble jets or fire missiles.

During Operation Pillar of Defense in 2012, the IDF struck Hamas facilities that were being used to develop drones capable of carrying explosives, with the OC Southern Command at the time, Maj.-Gen. Tal Russo, saying that the military destroyed “advanced weaponry like the development of a UAV that isn’t used for photography but for attacks deep inside Israel.”

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