Tamar Nizri in her Amona house (Photo: Kobi Nachshoni)
YNet News By: Elisha Ben Kimon, Kobi Nachshoni and Roi Yanovsky
The Nizri family, one of the leaders of the fight against the evacuation of Amona, is saying goodbye to their home; ‘This was our place, that this was our land; this was our home.’

On Wednesday afternoon, police officers came to evacuate the Nizri family, one of the leaders of the failed fight against the evacuation of Amona. Their house was crowded with teenage opponents of the evacuation, which continued as planned. The family’s matriarch, Tamar Nizri spoke to the troops upon their entrance: “You, the soldiers, have the power of choice; I beg you to be loyal to your values. You do not need to do this.”


In the middle of the commotion, a group of young teenage girls was sitting on the floor, crying profusely and singing hymns and encouraging each other. The forces started evacuating the bedrooms, slowly making their way to the living room. The shouts and the singing mixed together. The members of the Nizri family appeared reserved as they kept a veneer of tranquility.

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