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Despite Abbas’ proclamations against violent escalation, a delegation of his party’s senior members visited family of murderer of two Israelis.


A delegation of senior Fatah members came to extend their condolences at the West Bank home of Mohaned Halabi, the killer of Aharon Bennett and Nehemia Lavi in Jerusalem last week.


Their act may seem as contravening Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’ stated policy of preventing escalation and commitment to nonviolence.


Among the Fatah delegation members was Central Committee member Nabil Shaath, former chief negotiator and a self-proclaimed moderate. He was accompanied by Azzam al-Ahmed, Mahmoud al-Aloul, and Jamal Mohsin.


A Fatah leaflet honoring terrorist Ishaq Badran.


The bestowing of honors on terrorists by the Palestinian leadership comes days after leaflets honoring two recent terrorists were distributed featuring photos of Abbas and his predecessor, Yasser Arafat. The “martyrs” were promised “eternal life and glory,” the leaflets read.


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