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American and European intelligence chiefs say the Islamic State group is manufacturing chemical weapons on an industrial scale, and have already used WMDs ‘numerous times’ in Iraq and Syria.


MUNICH – The Islamic State group has already used chemical weapons “numerous times,” and is planning to carry out a chemical attack against the United States, according to American intelligence, presented by US National Intelligence director James Clapper at a panel of intelligence heads at the Munich Security Conference this weekend.


Meanwhile French Prime Minister Manuel Vall, who spoke at the same conference, said he is convinced that there will be another “large scale attack” by ISIS on Europe.


Clapper said ISIS was manufacturing chemical weapons on an industrial scale, and noted the CIA has evidence of the use of chemical weapons for the first time by a terrorist group since the 1995 Sarin gas attacks on the Tokyo subway.


While Clapper didn’t state the nature and the origin of the information he based his findings on, it is likely based on, among other things, samples collected by operatives of the German BND in the Kurdish region in northern Iraq back in October, which indicated the area had been bombarded with mustard gas.



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