YnetNews: Sima Kadmon


Op-ed: How did Netanyahu succeed in branding himself as the only person capable of giving Israel’s citizens a sense of security, while in reality we are moving from one security failure to another?


On Sunday, the eve of Simchat Torah, an El Al plane brought Mr. Security back from New York. The man, who only a few months ago ran in the elections on the security ticket, landed in a country on fire, where the last thing citizens feel these days is a sense of security.


Three days earlier, Mr. Security stood silent on the United Nations podium – a 44-second silence aiming to symbolize the world’s indifference to Iran and its silence in light of Iran’s threats to destroy Israel. Benjamin Netanyahu is not the first leader to use silence to try to convey a message. It has been used before him by leaders with whom Netanyahu would not want to be compared. But in a sort of dissonance that only a reality like ours can generate, the silence in the glorious auditorium in New York turned into an allegory of Netanyahu’s helplessness, weakness, inability and futility of his actions.


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