The minister of justice and president of the state (Photos: Motti Kimchi, Mark Nieman, GPO)

YNetNews By: Moran Azulay


The minister of justice has submitted a new bill that would enable the president of the state to wield his power of clemency over sanctions cast by professional tribunals; another bill submitted would allow appeals courts to add prison terms to convictions.


A few hours before her flagship Terrorism Law was approved in the Knesset on Wednesday, Minister of Justice Ayelet Shaked submitted a new bill seeking to expand the president’s pardoning powers to include the sanctions of disciplinary tribunals. The Ministerial Committee on Legislative Affairs will debate the bill on Sunday.


As it currently stands, the president of the state can grant clemency to those who have been criminally convicted. He can overturn a conviction or shorten the prison term of someone who has been convicted by a court of law. Shaked’s bill would add those convicted by disciplinary tribunals to the president’s purview.


If the bill is approved, the president would be able to wield his power of clemency to shorten the sanctions sentenced by the various professional disciplinary tribunals established for different professions—lawyers, doctors, etc.—and which are entitled to regulate their professions and grant or revoke professional licenses.


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