By: David Bedein


On October 8, 2015, six Arabs either murdered or tried to murder Jews, in six different locations in the country. As these attacks occurred, Arabs rioted in every nook and cranny of Israel, on both sides of the 1949 cease fire line. Yet at the same time, while the Israel Broadcasting Authority announced one Arab attack and Arab riot, one after another on the news, The Israel Defense Establishment trotted out spokespeople, every hour on the hour, to assure the people of Israel that the Palestinian Authority will most certainly work to calm down the atmosphere of violence.


Yet the PA plays an insidious role, as it provides gratuities to any Arab who will murder or attempt to murder a Jew.


Every month, according to the bylaws of the Palestinian Authority, the PA transfers 17 million shekels to those who have been convicted of first degree murder or attempted murder who now serve their sentences behind bars.


The PA also allocates funds to families of killers, with special grants for families of killers who die as while committing an act of murder.


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