YNetNews By: Eli Senyor and Hassan Shaalan (Video)

A day after the deadly shooting on Dizengoff Street in Tel Aviv, police suspect the shooter has reached a hideaway. They are now waiting for him to make a mistake and reveal himself. They are investigating another murder, which happened an hour later, to see if it has a connection to the pub attack.

The manhunt for the man who shot and killed two at the Simta bar in Tel Aviv on Friday is ongoing. The police have established a command center in the Tel Aviv area, and are searching for a man of average built, with glasses and a black jacket. As time passes, the police lean more and more towards the conclusion that the attacker managed to get to a hideaway spot, and is no longer fleeing. The police is now waiting for the man to make a mistake.


“We continue to search exactly as we did yesterday,” said a police official, “right now there isn’t any indication of where he is, and that’s why forces are spread all over the Central region and northern Tel Aviv.”


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