From right: Chief Superintendent Yossi Krispel, Chief Superintendent Nissim Finish and Deputy Commissioner Dudu Vaknin (Photo: Ilan Shapira)
YNetNews By: Shosh Mula
There are about 6,200 security prisoners in eight of the Israel Prison Services’ detention facilities, and 70 percent of them are defined as having blood on their hands. In a joint interview, three intelligence officers serving in Israel’s most dangerous prisons discuss what it is like to be in the same room with eight murderers, how inmates are turned into informants and how MK Ghattas was caught allegedly smuggling cellphones into jail.
The Ktziot Prison, Sunday, December 18. Only a few people, including the prison commander and intelligence officer, Deputy Commissioner Dudu Vaknin, were involved in the drama that was about to take place. Knesset Member Basel Ghattas of the Joint List arrived to visit security prisoners and allegedly smuggle cellphones to them. Everything was ready to document the act. Without suspecting a thing, Ghattas fell into the trap that was prepared for him by the security officials.

Following his arrest, the work of the Shin Bet and the Israel Prison Service’s security system received wide coverage. Not much was said about the secret work of the intelligence officers who locate and operate agents in the security prisons, those who work behind the scenes in the most sensitive position in some of the most dangerous places in Israel.

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