Amona residents seal houses to prevent evacuation by security forces (Marc Israel Sellem)

JPost By: Tovah Lazaroff, Anna Ahronheim



2:15 p.m.

Scores of teenage activists streamed into the Nizri home, shouting “the police are coming.”

The teenage boys stood by the kitchen with their arms linked around each other singing, “the eternal people are not afraid of the long road.”

The teenage girls sat in a circle singing, “we won’t give up on this land.”

While police filled the patio outside, the girls changed their song to, “it’s essential not to be afraid.”

1:30 p.m.

Police and settlers held a minor stand off that led to scattered clashes and arrests as officers stopped to clear the stones and the large barricades that activists had set up on one of Amona’s main roads.

Two activists sat on the rocks and refused to move. Police quickly dragged them away.

Other activists who filled the road behind them, chanted, “Soldier, police officer, refuse the order.”

Behind in the Nizri house, a woman, who had gone through the 2006 Gaza evacuation, showed teenage girls how to peacefully resist by pantomiming for them how they should lie down on the ground and then showed them the way the officers would lift them.

Other activists who had been busy making lunch, brought a very large silver pot of soup to the dinning room table. As they set it down on the embroidered table cloth, teenage boys raced in yelling “the police are coming.”

Realizing it was a false alarm they ran back outside.


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