Friends attend the funeral of Israeli soldier Elchai Teharlev, H”yd. (Reuters/Ronen Zvulun)

JPost By: Tova Lazaroff

When the funerhen the funeral was over, nobody wanted to leave.

Twenty-year-old Elchai Teharlev , who was posthumously promoted to sergeant, loved to sing and play music. In one photograph, he can be seen standing on the edge of a hilltop with a guitar strapped over his shoulder.

On Thursday, several thousand people stood shoulder-to-shoulder near his freshly dug grave as the sun set, singing and humming soulful religious tunes.

A friend of Elchai’s stood on a stone wall above them, quietly strumming a guitar, as cold gusts of wind blew through the air above Mount Herzl Military Cemetery in Jerusalem.

His father, Ohad, recalled how imaginative Elchai had been as a small child. “You made yourself some wings. You wanted to jump from the window so you could fly to the sky. Now you have flown to the sky,” he said in a tearful voice.

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