Times of Israel: By Judah Ari Gross

‘We will continue to carry out the mission’

On Sunday, a Bedouin terrorist attacked fellow Israelis in Beersheba bus station. On Friday, a Palestinian attacked an IDF soldier who also turned out to be a Bedouin. Confused?



As Palestinian terror attacks wash through the country, and Israeli-Palestinian clashes intensify in the West Bank and at the Gaza border, they also bring to the forefront the complexities of the conflict, where it is not always a case of Muslims against Jews.



Case in point: On Friday morning, a Palestinian Muslim stabbed and wounded an Israeli soldier. The soldier, however, was also a Muslim — a Bedouin soldier and a member of the army’s tracker unit.



Speaking to The Times of Israel later in the day, the soldier’s commander called the 26-year-old, who was lightly-to-moderately injured, “a real professional.”



The commander, a captain, has served as a senior tracker in the Etzion and Binyamin Brigades in the West Bank for three years and asked not to be named in this article. Neither has the injured Bedouin soldier been named.


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