WATCH: Egyptian Sharif Gaber’s video explains how logic ended his hate of Israel and his devotion to Islam, sending him on the run from the authorities.


YNet: Roi Kais  – 09/27/15


Twenty-two-year-old Sharif Gaber is a typical young Egyptian in many ways but his political opinions have made him a highly controversial figure on social media – he’s a supporter of Israel and happily tells the world why.


“This video will cause me to lose friends, but honestly, it’s a message of love and not hate,” Gaber firmly wrote on his Facebook profile after his video explaining his liberal views regarding Israel went viral. “If you are bothered that I’m telling you to stop hating Israel, that’s your problem.”




Gaber agreed to speak with Ynet this week from an unidentified location in Egypt for fear of authorities who have not taken kindly to his opinions.


He told his story – that of a devout Muslim who dutifully memorized verses from the Quran, until change slowly came to him.


“I studied the history of religion and Islamic law, but since 2011, everything changed,” said Gaber. “I saw a video of a girl being pelted by stones and from that moment, I started wondering if Islam holds water – it happened one step at a time.


As he moved away from religious Islam, Gaber said he began to think logically about Israel.


“I went into the page of the IDF’s Arab Spokesperson, Avichay Adraee, who blessed the Muslims on a Muslim holiday and responded to thousands of curses from Muslim viewers,” said Gaber. “You understand? The guy is blessing them and they’re cursing him.


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