The scene of the attack


YnetNews: Hasan Shaalan


Perpetrator of Sunday’s attack near Hadera appears in court, claims that he responded to Jews attacking him.


Ala Mhamed Zwid, the terrorist who conducted Sunday night’s vehicular and stabbing attack in Gan Shmuel, near Hadera, claims that the attack was an accident, his lawyer said on Monday during the extension of his remand.



“My client says that this whole thing began as just an accident, and that he was attacked by Jews afterward,” Wassim Araf, Zwid’s defense lawyer, said. “He tried to protect himself. His claims are being verified and the truth will emerge.”


Zwid himself said, “I didn’t do anything, they want to make me out to be some terrorist. I have no idea what they want from me.”


A Haifa district court has extended Zwid’s remand until October, 21.


Four Israelis were wounded in the attack, including two soldiers, and one of them seriously.


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