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Op-ed: Provocation is the bread and butter of Balad. However, they did not break the law. ‘Those observing a minute of silence in memory of shahids aid terrorism,’ says Elkin. Based on that, any provocateur can be accused of aiding terrorism – even Elkin himself, when he goes on the Temple Mount.


Last Wednesday I met Minister of Immigrant Absorption Ze’ev Elkin at the Knesset. Elkin is considered the minister with the highest intelligence quotient in the government, a compliment that does not say much about him – and yet. 


During the week, Elkin tried to advance legislation that would enable the Knesset to oust an MK from office. When I met him, he was confident of victory. “Get used to it,” he said with a kind of smugness. “The right wig legislates.” Despite his sharp mind and long experience in parliamentary maneuvers, Elkin did not understand what every newcomer understands: the bill will not pass.


Too many members of the coalition are concerned that the threat of impeachment will be used against them. Most of them have worked very hard to get to the Knesset, they like their seats, and their immunity is total. They have no reason to put their senior position at risk.


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