Donald Trump. Not the source, but the result of the problem. (Photo: EPA)
YNetNews By: Alon Pinkas
Op-ed: Donald Trump may not have done it elegantly, but he managed to ride the wave of anger that’s been part of the Republican Party’s self-destruction straight into the nomination. Will he be able to keep it going and win the presidency?
The Republican National Convention’ which had the feel of a convention of the country’s most depressed and downtrodden, ended with the coronation of a real estate tycoon who owns a beauty pageant and pro wrestling tournaments, in addition to hosting a successful reality TV show, as the party’s presidential nominee.

There wasn’t a researcher, presidency expert, pundit, or reporter who didn’t ask themselves, “What has become of the party Abraham Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt?” The answer is simple: It reached the place to which it’s been marching blindly (but surely) for the past 15 years.


Donald Trump isn’t the problem, he’s the result of the problem. He won’t bring about the dissolution of the Republican Party, as many have speculated – the party’s dissolution is what led to his candidacy’s success. He didn’t plan the party’s rift with the US, and he didn’t fan the flames of a bloody civil war between the Republican establishment and it’s voter base.


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