Hamas militants take part in an anti-Israel rally in the southern Gaza Strip town of Rafah, February 26, 2016.(AFP / SAID KHATIB)

Times of Israel BY Ilan Ben Zion


An IDF officer insists neither Hamas nor Israel want to duke it out, but both sides seem to be gearing up for the next fight.


What does it say about the culture of print media in Israel that the country’s two most-read newspapers have virtually the same lead story on the front page of their weekend editions?


Both Israel Hayom and Yedioth Ahronoth report on Hamas’s preparations for a future conflict with Israel, both basing their entire reportage on a briefing to Israeli reporters given by a single, unnamed senior IDF officer.


Hamas rocket arsenals are at an all time low, according to the commander who spoke to the press, but the organization has beefed up its special forces in preparation for a possible ground campaign.


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