Gali Badhani spotted the Hamas member shooting at IDF forces (Photo: IDF Spokesperson’s Un…
YNetNews By: Matan Tzuri
During her first guard shift after completing her military lookout observer course, Gali Badhani spotted a terrorist aiming and shooting at military forces from Gaza, prompting IDF to destroy outpost.

Private Gali Badhani, was on her first guard shift since completing the lookout observer course when she spotted a Hamas terrorist loading his gun and taking aim against Israeli forces near Gaza in the Kissufim in the Negev.

“At around 8pn I started my first shift…After an hour, forces circling the field told me that they were overseeing work (in the area) and asked that I scour the area for them,” she said.

“I started scouring the area and I saw an armed man pointing his gun eastward where the work was going on. I got on the walkie-talkie and warned them. At the same moment, the gunshots started,” the Petah Tikva resident recalled.

“We alerted the war room and then I went on to direct the tank that hit the outpost.”

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