An Islamic State fighter carries the group’s flag in Raqqa, north-central Syria.. (photo credit:REUTERS)

JPost By: Jonathan Spyer


As Islamic State consolidates in Libya, the potential this represents for severe disruption of European life should not be underestimated.


At a meeting of G5 world leaders in Hanover, Germany, this week, a proposal was raised for US warships to join vessels of EU navies off the coast of Libya. Their mission would be to help slow the flow of migrants from Africa.


They would also be responsible for guarding the southern tip of Europe from seaborne terrorist attacks. Such a notion, unimaginable a few years ago, is now very much in the range of possibilities.


British Defense Secretary Philip Hammond this week noted that his government did not “rule out” the possibility of a ground forces deployment into Libya, to combat the threat of Islamic State.


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