Israeli police forensics examine the scene of a bus bombing in Jerusalem on April 18, 2016


The hesitant Hamas announcement that the Jerusalem bus bomber is ‘one of theirs’ allows the group to continue pushing for attacks without directing them, putting Israel in a spot over how to respond.

One mystery is solved. The identity of a man severely wounded in Tuesday’s terrorist attack in Jerusalem — suspected of having planted the bomb that exploded on the Number 12 bus — was discovered last night, shortly after the hospital announced he had succumbed to his wounds.


But the Hamas announcement that Abad al-Hamid Abu Srour, 19, from the al-Ayda refugee camp in the Bethlehem area, was “one of theirs” fell short of a full claim of responsibility for the attack, which injured 20 other people.


The Gaza-based terror group released a photo of Abu Srour wearing a Hamas scarf, and another photo that was decorated with emblems of the Second Intifada. But the announcement on the organization’s official website opened with a quote from a “Zionist” Facebook page providing the initial information that it was Abu Srour who had carried out the attack.


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