Yehudit Tayar

Yehudit Tayar – 11/04/16


Almost two months have passed since on Tu B’shvat we in our community of Bet Horon knew a terrible terror attack that took Shlomit Krigman HY”D from us.  The stormy weather did not prevent the terrorists to carry out their mission of terror and they murdered her simply because she was Jewish.



Last week we received yet another warm hug from one of the communities – something that we all received during the heartbreaking period of the shiva- from so many different communities they came to hug us bring us letters of support and more.  Last week from the community of Alon they came with an Oak tree to plant in memory of Shlomit z”l and brought a sign to place on top of the memorial site.

The moving sign reads:

“And you shall be like a tree, planted on the water

Whose fruit will be given in time, and whose leaves shall not fall

And everything it does, will succeed.”

To the residents of Bet Horon

In memory of Shlomit Krigman z”l

With wishes for growth and blossoming

From the residents of the community of Alon

May we be able to return this love and support for happy occasions.

The Nation of Israel is united for good and bad.

With love of Zion


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