Yehudit Tayar

Yehudit Tayar -17/04/16


I wrote and published this article eight years ago and now again we see the pressure against the brave IDF soldiers and the capitulation to the press, Breaking the Silence, the Courts while our soldiers are protecting the lives and security of our Nation. How horrific that this manipulative history repeats itself



In the last few days the “hot headlines” in the media have related to the report of how every fourth young Israeli shirks his army duty. The Chief-of-Staff Gabi Ashkenazi, amongst others, declared that this must be changed and the pride of Israeli youth volunteering for elite units in the Israeli Defense Forces must be reinstated, that the flush of national pride of serving in the I.D.F. by these youths must be rekindled.


Today, Monday, a unit of those proud Israeli youth who have volunteered to serve in one of the IDF elite units were the topic of discussion and argument when they refused orders to expel fellow Jews from their homes in the Jewish-owned property in the city of Hebron.


Two years ago methodic preparations and psychological pressure were used on Israeli soldiers including dressing them in “costumes” in order to use these young Israelis to deport and exile Jewish families from their homes and communities in Gush Katif and the Northern Shomron. Is it really surprising that Israeli soldiers do not wish to follow orders that are not going to protect the Land and people they volunteered to serve?


The soldiers who took part in the destruction of Gush Katif and the northern Shomron were told that this served the country. Today two years later, these soldiers are witnessing the grim outcome of these orders that they obeyed.


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