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YNetNews By: Itamar Eichner


Despite increasing calls to boycott Israel, Shimon Peres was honored last month by UNESCO, which signed a cooperation agreement with the Peres Center for Peace. The former president spoke to Yedioth Ahronoth and explained why Israel is failing in the fight against BDS and how, by making brave decisions, we can make things better.


At the age of 92, former president Shimon Peres is a kind of cultural asset for the Jewish people. A legend still walking among us. Last month, Peres received international recognition from UNESCO for his work in advancing peace, dialogue and science across the world. The organization, which hosted Peres at its headquarters in Paris, announced that it would adopt projects initiated and led by the Peres Center for Peace and implement them in conflict zones all over the world.


This is a surprising decision considering the fact UNESCO’s attitude towards Israel is very problematic – some would even say hostile. It also frequently discusses anti-Israel resolutions raised by the Palestinians and their supporters. Like, for example, a resolution to remove the Cave of the Patriarchs and Rachel’s Tomb from the list of World Heritage Sites, and one calling to recognize the Western Wall area as part of the al-Aqsa mosque complex.


That is why when UNESCO makes such a decision, it undoubtedly bestows a lot of honor on the State of Israel – after all, Shimon Peres is still Israel’s number one ambassador worldwide.


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