Jiah a-Shimi meets with Israelis in Fayoum, Egypt

YNetNews By: Roi Kais


High ranking Salafi Islamist leader Jiah a-Shimi is under fire from his party in Egypt after meeting with a Jewish interfaith delegation. A-Shimi: ‘goal of the meeting was to show the tolerance of the Islamic religion’


A delegation of Jews met with Salafi leader Dr. Jiah a-Shimi in the Egyptian town of Fayoum last month in a meeting which caused uproar amongst the Egyptian Salafi movement.


Dr. Omar Salem, an Egyptian-American religious scholar invited three Jewish scholars to Egypt as part of efforts to hold interfaith dialogue. The three were Rabbi Ya’akov Nagen from Otniel, orthodox peace activist Rivka Abramson, and Jewish religious scholar Professor Yosef Ringel.


Dr. Jiah a-Shimi is also a high ranking official in the Egyptian Salafist a-Noor political party and a former parliamentarian.


Egyptian media called the meeting “a meeting with Jewish rabbis,” and the pictures which Egyptian media obtained of the event caused protests against the party. The party is now conducting an internal investigation regarding the event.


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