Amos Schocken


Ha’aretz Publisher is deliberately slanting an already anti-Israel newspaper for his English-speaking audience, in directions even his Hebrew paper will not go – or his Israeli audience tolerate.


A storm has been raging on social media in recent days over headlines in the English edition of Ha’aretz. Headlines such as “Yes, Israel is Executing Palestinians Without Trial” and “The Shooting in Hebron Was a Cold-Blooded Execution,” anti-Israel to the point of anti-Semitic, are causing tremendous anger. Ha’aretz’s positions are in any case extreme, but the English edition seems to be deliberately taking even more extreme positions.

This is particularly galling given that Ha’aretz’s English edition has tremendous influence. While only about 5 percent of the Israeli public reads Ha’aretz, for many around the world, the paper’s English edition is the main source of information on events in Israel, or the only source. All the thinking people and the really important people are part of this audience: journalists from all the international media, politicians, government officials, intellectuals, public leaders, and all kinds of other decision makers and tastemakers, who formulate their perspective on Israel and the conflict based on what they read in the paper.

Two incidents that occurred last month brought the disparities in reporting between the Hebrew and English editions of Ha’aretz to a grotesque new peak.

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