Hamas fighters in an underground tunnel (Photo: Reuters)

YNetNews By: Yoav Zitun


Less than 2 years after Operation Protective Edge, the IDF, using advanced technology, discovered the tunnel in the Eshkol regional council area; it was meant for an attack by Hamas’s elite ‘nokhba’ unit.


Nearly two years since the end of Operation Protective Edge, IDF forces, with the aid of advanced technology, managed to locate a Hamas attack tunnel crossing the border fence into Israel and dug by most estimates after the last round of fighting, it was cleared for publication Monday morning.


The shaft was discovered in Israeli territory, a few dozen meters from the fence bordering the central Gaza Strip, in the Eshkol regional council, but not very close to nearby communities. According to the security establishment’s estimates, the tunnel is designated for a strategic attack by dozens of Hamas fighters of their elite unit – “Nukhba”.


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