Canopy of Fire command and control center (Photo: IDF Spokesman’s Office)

YNetNews By: Yoav Zitun


The commanders at the ‘Canopy of Fire’ command and control center use flat screen TVs to mointor Israel’s borders with Lebanon and Syria, from where they make split-second decisions on opening fire on infiltrators, terror cells, or cannons firing at the Golan Heights.


The IDF’s “target bank” has registered hundreds of successful kills over the past few years of terrorists both in the north and in south. The operations are managed from a command and control center called the “Canopy of Fire.” This mobile room is filled with flat screens showing its operators everything that is happening on Israel’s borders. The officers who command this center are the ones who order the use of firepower on the border fences, which at times makes the news: A cell planting explosive devices was eliminated, a Syrian cannon was destroyed, or terrorists trying to infiltrate Israel were thwarted.


Ynet recently visited the “Canopy of Fire” command and control centers in the north to document the operations of those who, at the moment of truth, will have to make decisions within seconds that could prevent ISIS terrorists from infiltrating the Golan Heights and arriving at one of the towns there, or stop a new war from breaking out in the north over the kidnapping of a soldier.


The most top secret of the command and control centers will soon undergo a significant upgrade, when a new technological system is declared operational, which is aimed at aiding the commanders of the “Canopy of Fire” to oversee the destruction of dozens of targets at a short period of time.


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