Hamas fighters in Gaza (Photo: AFP)

YNetNews By: Alex Fishman


Op-ed: The mounting panic about Hamas and imminent war is misplaced; the terrorist organization is in no state, operationally or mentally, to launch an attack any time soon.


Hamas is in operational distress, and we, for some reason, are starting to panic about war. Sure, the Palestinian media has indeed been reporting for the past few days on heavy armament operations by the IDF in the southern Gaza strip (inside Palestinian territory) but not a single bullet has been fired in that zone. It isn’t Hamas that’s going to war—it’s Hamas that’s at a loss. But the drums of panic are beating incessantly, as though we had nothing else that we needed to worry about.


This isn’t the first time that headlines may lead to a confrontation following what the defense establishment has termed “Hamas’s miscalculation.” Or, in other words: an incorrect reading of Israeli steps and especially pronouncements. Recently, a few events have taken place here and some comments have been made that are not necessarily connected. This sequence created false connections that led to a feeling of preparedness and alertness ahead of a conflict in the south.


It’s not surprising that Israel and Hamas have been exchanging mutually calming messages over the past few days. It goes without saying that the Palestinian side did not see any sign indicating an offensive.


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