Saudi King Salman and Egyptian President Al-Sisi. (Photo: EPA)

YNetNews By: Roi Kais and Itamar Eichner


Following Egypt’s decision to relinquish control of two strategic islands to the Saudis, reports have surfaced claiming that the implementation of the deal may require changes to the Egypt-Israel peace accords, which would necessitate approval from the Knesset.


Egyptian newspaper Al-Ahram reported Monday that representatives from Israel and Egypt have recently met to discuss the maritime borders between Egypt and Saudi Arabia, which could be a major topic of concern, following Cairo and Riyadh’s recent deal, transferring control over two Islands in the Gulf of Eilat to the Saudis.


According to the reports, Cairo updated Israel of all developments relating to the new borders. Israeli officials said that the topic is being researched by the Ministries of Defense and Foreign Affairs in order to assess its implications. According to the officials, changes to the peace accords may not be necessary, since the Islands belonged to Saudi Arabia anyway, and Saudi Arabia is committed to the accords.


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