Russian planes pulling out of Syria

YNetNews By: Reuters


While Moscow’s deputy ambassador stresses his country will ‘do everything so that Israel’s national security interests are not harmed in the process,’ IDF chief notes ramifications of Russian move aren’t clear yet.


A Russian diplomat sought to reassure Israel on Tuesday that its security would not be harmed by the winding down of Moscow’s intervention in the Syrian civil war, but the IDF’s chief of staff said the ramifications were not yet clear.


Israeli officials have privately said Russian forces sent in last year to help Syrian President Bashar Assad turn the tide against a now five-year-old rebellion also served to restrain his anti-Israeli allies – Iran and Lebanon’s Hezbollah militia.


Israel was further helped by a hotline to the main Russian airbase at Hmeymim in Syria, which let it continue covert strikes to foil suspected Hezbollah or Iranian operations against it on Syrian turf without fear of accidentally clashing with Moscow.


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