Arutz 7 By: Ari Yashar


Sanders has recently been showing an increasingly open anti-Israel stance even while claiming to be pro-Israeli.


Just last week, in an interview, he made the outrageous claim that Israelkilled 10,000 “innocent people” in Gaza during 2014 Operation Protective Edge. The actual total was just over 2,000, and roughly half of the dead were terrorists in a near unheard of combatant to civilian ratio. Facing backlash, Sanders inexplicably denied he made the claim.


‘Netanyahu isn’t right all the time,’ flings Sanders, calling 2014 war ‘disproportionate.’ Clinton defends Israel, touts two-state solution.

Democratic presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) on Thursday night took aim at Israel once again in a CNN debate with Hillary Clinton in Brooklyn, ahead of the fateful New York primaries.


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