Defense Minister Ya’alon. Setting a principled example. (Photo: Shaul Golan)

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Op-ed: Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon’s recent protection of the IDF and its values should be lauded by his fellow ministers. Instead, he’s been left to fend off his attackers alone.


The Likud party has changed. It’s not the same old Likud anymore. It’s not the Likud that passed Basic Laws assuring human rights, it’s not the Likud that knew how to combine the nation’s security interests with the values of democracy and liberalism. People in today’s Likud speak a different language, and it’s terrible. Leaders aren’t supposed to try and jump through the public’s desired hoops, they’re supposed to tell the public what’s right. Otherwise it’s not leadership.


Defense Minister Ya’alon showed leadership. He is responsible for a military body that operates by orders and instructions, and he has power. He needs to protect and back up soldiers, but when one of them does something wrong – they need to face justice. In 1984, after the Bus 300 affair – when Shin Bet Director Avraham Shalom ordered the execution of two terrorists who were apprehended after hijacking a bus – Major General (ret.) Meir Zorea, who investigated the matter, said, “You don’t build security on lies.” And he was no self-righteous lefty, mind you.


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