On board the INS Rahav

YNetNews By: Yoav Zitun


With a price tag of half a billion dollars and the ability to stay underwater 10 times longer than the navy’s other submarines, the INS Rahav will soon become operational. Ynet reporter Yoav Zitun went out to sea with the new submarine’s crew to see what makes it tick.


Four months after arriving from Germany, and shortly before it is declared operational and heads out for missions off the coasts of Africa or Iran, Ynet reporter Yoav Zitun joined the submariners for a sail in the INS Rahav – the Israeli navy’s fifth submarine.


It cost half a billion dollars and it is 68 meters long (10 meters longer than the existing Dolphin submarines), but the secret to its military might is the fact it can stay deep underwater for longer periods of time, 10 times, and at times even longer, than other submarines.


The stealth capabilities of the new submarine, and of its “sister” INS Tanin, allows them to be completely silent while underwater, thanks to their electric engines.


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